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Enelik Sean Smith is now in a love relationship with (GABI) the daughter of Spa DORIN's owner located on Decatur and Flamingo.He lives here in Vegas.

This Spa is a fraud AND they are trying to get investors. Guess he feels right at home.

Smith and currently seeking a divorce and dating Dorin spa owner's kid. Doris Feliz apparently isn't licensed to practice medicine in the U.S., However, she has been practicing here in the valley since she originally opened her SPA BY DORED G LLC, in April of 2008. Later, renamed it SPA DORIN BODY AND FACE LLC, in January 2012.

She is the hairdresser and does everything else. The daughter has no license for nothing (Gabi). These people are ***-artist...



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It sounds like you are the wife of Mr. Smith lol and sounds like this is not related to Gabi nor any of these ladies that run the spa..but this is such an unprofessional way to show how devastated you are.


Little girl Gabydorin, before you continue with your dirty laundry, please note the Eneliko is in debt with me through child support obligation. Therefore, it is my business to always be investigating him and his little secrets!!!

to Anonymous Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #594631

I am not a little girl honey, but I am younger than you ..Sorry can't out-run that ...

I also don't have any dirty laundry ... What ever its your concern with Eneliko that's between you to .. It's not my concern nor my problem .. Investigating me not a problem...

But posting false statements about me it's just outrages!! And it is also against the law it's trade of defamation and the law charges it as slander and liable ...

If your not satisfied ...Then I welcome you to my business so you can see all the business licenses your self..thank you

to Anonymous Henderson, Nevada, United States #1206431

You are such an unprofessional human and would love to know where you work or what you do so I can stay AS FAR and AWAY from you.You are a person that watch out for.

Your ex is your ex and the "little girl" you are harassing should be suing you for this.But, sounds like this little girl and her staff have too much class to be dealing with a low class human like yourself.

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Hi my name is Gaby Dorin the person in which its talk about in this untruthful post.. i am the daughter of the owner and i will like to set the record straight..

I will like to start to mention that i was never in a love Relationship with Eneliko Sean Smith we were just dating ..and if I was that's my personal life and that's no one else's problem... Spa Dorin has been in business for 6 years now and still going strong, i don't think any business will be able to operate for that amount of time without a business license there for that is a very ignorant statement!

Spa Dorin it's not trying to get any investors whatsoever for the Spa due to my mother Doris Feliz hold the complete title to the business.. There is nothing to invest on.. She also doesn't practice any medical procedures .. Spa Dorin works with Doctor Parker which is license in the state of NV if you have any question you can search him and also search one of our videos on Youtube under Spa Dorin (Plastic Surgery) which is a segment on the news on the Viva Vegas network.

I personally require no license because i am the CEO of the company and i manage it ... how ever this post is injurious False hood and its trade of defamation according to my lawyer. This post will be taken down as i contacted the perfect master and host of this website and show prove that this has no ground and is ALL LIES .. not only that this post is also consider am institute action for slander and liable which is punish by the Law and i will take further actions if necessary.

And now i will speak directly to the "Anonymous" person that post this.. A person that is capable of writing this source of accusation with no ground and base on lies its a *** artist them self.. there is a reason you post Anonymous because you don't have the integrity to put your name to represent your statement.. very pathetic to be honest, if there is more post i will take further legal actions since i already know who you are, this is a very delicate matter so i advise you to stay Anonymous and quiet.. Thank you !

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Doris, Katalina & Gabi from SPA DORIN BODY N FACE LLC (LAS VEGAS) hold no license to operate such business.Not licensed by the Nevada cosmetology broad.

Check for yourself! This post is for consumer criticism. Redirect frustration with injustice...

alleviate suffering wherever you not be scammed.

to Anonymous Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #593391

The comments that are written are completely untrue. My experience at the spa was for most very professional and courteous, the spa is very well maintained and the products used were high quality.

I believe that the person writing these comments is either jealous or some form of animosity towards or against the spa or those who work or own it.

As far as licensing goes they are licensed and registered in LV

I checked it my self. feel free to check it yourself before to this envious statements that hold no water.

to Christine Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #593801

Hi Christine I personally like to thank you for taken your time , to write this comment and write about your great experience at Spa Dorin nothing makes me more happy to read positive and Truthful comments from my customers .. people like your self are the reason why i love my job and i wake up every morning to give an amazing service .. You are absolutely right the person that is writing this comment its very jealous and hetric and have no self respect since they can even write their name to back up and represent there comments ...



PLEASE SCHEDULE YOUR APT 7024689760 text me or call me GABY :) xoxo

to Anonymous Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #593798

Hi Another "Anonymous" Person i will like to start by saying that Katalina doesn't need a license to operate my business, She is our Public Relation and General Manager ... I my self I am the CEO of the company i also do not need a license to operate ... and my Mother License number is 050091.. and the business license its attach to it ..( YOU CAN CHECK IT YOUR SELF ) we wouldn't be able to have a business for 6 years without being license and registered in the state of NV .. if you have any question i am sure you know were our location is at if now here is the address 4825 West Flamingo Rd st 8 ... you welcome to come and check our business licenses your self...Also this the spa number (702) 2207706 if you have any question.

This comment is untruthful and its holds with no grown thats why its by Anonymous person .. it is also injurious false hood and its trade of defamation which is punished by the Law as Slander and liable ..

I will give you the same advise i gave your Anonymous friend in the upper post .. i will take further legal actions if continue..



***-ARTIST....check with the Nevada State Board of Cosmetology

to The SPA OF LAS VEGAS ***-ARTIS Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #593802




The Nevada State Board of Cosmetology has not issued a license to Spa Dorin to operate in the State of Nevada. Doris Feliz (spa owner) does not have a license to be a hair-dresser. Do not be lured with her 20 so called years of experience.

to No license to operate spa in N Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #593803

Doris Feliz license# 050091... My mother doesn't lured people with her 20 years of experience, she lured them with her high work etiquette, her professionalism and her high quality of work. :)

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